Gaylen Carelse

MSc candidate

I am a first year MSc student from Abbotsdale focusing on the Harlequin ladybird and the microclimates it experiences in different habitat types throughout its life cycle. I will also assess several performance and behavioural traits of different life stages and examine how these can mediate the realized effects of microclimates. The traits I will focus on are thermal sensitivity of egg development and locomotion performance of certain life stages.

What I love most about my studies is doing lab work and being able to go out into the field. When I have free time, you can either find me reading a book, getting busy in the garden or in my room (still) busy knitting my Harry Potter jersey. If possible, I would love to travel one day and visit all the national parks in the world. I do not see myself in a set job for the rest of my life, but rather working somewhere new every other year. I believe in using the time you have on earth to experience and learn as many different fields of studies as possible.