Gerhard Wiese

MSc Candidate

I completed my undergraduate and honors degree at the University of Pretoria and started with my MSc at Stellenbosch. My project looks at measuring rates of cutaneous and respiratory water loss in lizards through respirometry techniques and asks the question of how does the partitioning between these two mechanisms of water loss change with increasing temperatures? Additionally, gaping and panting will be looked at and their ability as evaporative cooling strategies to reduce body temperature as environmental temperature increases.

My free time is spent reading and escaping to fantasy worlds with magic and creatures that would never be a reality in our world. For more social occasions I like to play one of the large amounts of board games I own that most people have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing. Recently my dad would drag me out of the comfort of my bed in the early morning on weekend to go for a run or some hike trial I am too unfit to survive.